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Jeremiah the Dreamer Hip Hop

I rapped for about 4 years, then took 5 years off then rapped again for about three years. I stopped doing it all and went into retirement around 2008. This player right here is kinda a greatest hits. If you don’t know about the dreamer, alls you gotta do is look right here.


Jeremiah the Dreamer and Double Flawless Videos

Never Enough Time – One of my old favs.

These two songs I did in January of 2014

I came out of retirement for a couple of tracks. Word…

Double Flawless Hip Hop Muskegon MI

Double Flawless was a two man rap group from Muskegon MI from 2007-2008 featuring Jeremiah the Dreamer and Illicit. They did hundreds of shows and made some really great music.

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